Adults need vaccine too, says doctor

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Published: Feb 26, 2015

It is unfortunate that medics have not succeeded in maintaining the importance of vaccination over the years. It is quite unbelievable that many people including adults still go down to a disease like measles or mumps which has had so many good vaccines developing every year.

But, Dr.Patrick Scott, who is an infectious disease specialist says that ‘it is about the presumption that people have had over the generation, that measles will not happen to adults. In fact it actually originates from the fact that people born 1956 are actually immune to measles because the disease was a widespread epidemic at that time. But, we don’t really understand that others are still vulnerable to this disease, even though they are adults.’

Adult shingles vaccination

He also adds that ‘adults need to have the Measles vaccine shots in two doses, apart from their childhood dose which will have worn out by the time they reach their 20s. Even other diseases like whooping cough and mumps have been only vaccinated against for a specific time and needs to be boosted as soon as the period is over.’

Dr. Patrick mentions the drawbacks in the present medical processes, saying that ‘it all happens due to medical negligence that adults are not given the required vaccines, and children who have a much more delicate anatomy are being overloaded with unnecessary vaccines’

There is also the Shingles vaccine

 that is for relatively older people, who might have had chicken-pox  during their childhood. This vaccine is relatively less talked about, as it is for the older people, as against the perception that vaccines are for children. Dr. Patrick suggests all people above 50 years of age who have had chicken-pox should take an appointment with a doctor, and get the Shingles vaccine administered. This vaccine is a onetime vaccine that is very effective in lowering the risk factors associated with Shingles.

Another important thing about vaccines is the age group you are from, in fact certain diseases like HPV (Human papilloma Virus) which is an STD (Sexually transmitted disease) that causes cancer, is more prevalent among young woman of 19-25 years. While, as discussed above certain diseases like Shingles occurs among the older population. So, it is very important for you to visit the doctor and ask him about the vaccinations for your age group. However, many doctors have ignored some important vaccines that the CDC still requires to be administered for a particular age group, because of many reasons like unavailability, cost of procurement etc.

Therefore, a better way would be to check the official page of CDC and refer to the vaccines that are officially meant for your age group. These vaccines should be administered, irrespective of their expenses, because preventing a disease is much easier than curing it.