Introduction of Shingle vaccine gives a sigh of relief to senior people

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Published: Feb 13, 2015

The painful viral disease, Shingles is attacking large number of older people. It is reported that almost 9 old people out of 10 are prone to Shingles in South Africa. It is basically caused by Varicella Zoster virus, which is also responsible for causing chicken pox. Its symptoms include rashes, burning, pain and that can happen at many areas of the body like abdomen, chest, back, ear, mouth, etc. Its symptoms can be mild to severe and can also create other health problems.

As per Dr. Allison Glass, virology specialist, person who already suffered from chicken pox in their early life are more prone to Shingles. The reason behind it is that after chicken pox, the virus becomes inactive and stay in nerves for long years due to one’s strong immune system, but as people reaches 60’s, their immune system also gets lower and this inactive virus again becomes active and start showing Shingles symptoms.

Shingles vaccine

Thus, it attacks mostly aged people over 60 and symptoms are very painful, which can last for years, so also disturbs one’s routine life. Sometime it becomes unbearable and so severe that can even lead to serious medical condition or fatal death. According to Dr. Milton Raff, director at one of the Cape Town’s hospital, there are very limited medications available in the market, which helps to alleviate or treat its symptoms. Thus, doctors are left with very few options for treating Shingles symptoms and so there is great need of Shingles vaccines in South Africa. And after long time, successful Shingle vaccine has also been introduced in the South Africa.

A new Shingles vaccine can be considered as boon for South Africa’s older people as it helps to prevent or reduce the occurrence of Shingles in them. Studies have revealed that effect of Shingles vaccine is remarkable and is considered as the most effective medication for preventing and reducing the symptoms of shingles.

Vaccines are strictly for the use of people above 60’s. Studies suggests that each and every person, who are about to reach their 60’s should go for Shingles vaccine. Vaccines not only prevent people from diseases, but also help to lessen the symptoms of Shingles. So, vaccine is also beneficial to people, who already suffers from this chronic medical condition. Doctors also recommend it to people who had Shingles symptoms in past, because it is also effective in preventing reoccurrence of Shingles.

The only question remains is the safety of taking vaccines. And many studies have revealed that vaccines are totally safe. Although it do have side effects, but they are very normal and can last for few hours or days. So, there are no big issues in relation to its safety. Still studies on their side effects are going on. Also, once a person gets vaccinated, its effect can last at least up to 5 years or more, which indirectly will also help to boost one’s immune system.

Thus, Shingles vaccine has given hopes to older people to live healthy.