Terry Bradshaw for Shingles awareness

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Published: Jan 31, 2015

A 4 time super bowl title winner Terry Bradshaw is known to everyone. Also that he was very strong and powerful player and played many matches with same energy. But, do you know that the same famous Terry Bradshaw had many times suffered from nervous breakdown, which was eventually detected as clinical depression.

Clinical depression is the condition, where person enters into depression and experience mood swings, sleepless night, weight loss, thought of suicide, etc. This strong player also faced all such symptoms, but still he never give up and try to cope with his conditions. He became outspoken, shared his experience with others and also advised others who were facing same problem.

Terry Bradshaw Shingles

The football player has now become a TV personality, who uses to come in funny TV show, which shows that any mental conditions can be cured, if a person loves and take care of himself. Terry Bradshaw is also seen doing TV commercials on Shingles disease

, whose main cause is chicken pox virus and also have more chronic symptoms than chicken pox.

In a commercial, Terry Bradshaw clearly mentioned that if a person has suffered from chicken pox in past, then 1 out of 3 people are more prone to Shingles, which was then changed by diseases control and prevention centre. And, then the statement was 1 out of 3 people are more prone to Shingles as they reach their 60’s.

In one other commercial, it was shown that the rashes are so painful that even clothes make person so uncomfortable. In another commercial, it was represented in the form of one child, who suffered from chicken pox and he didn’t took his medication properly. This leads him to get infected by Shingles in his later life. Thus through this commercial, Terry Bradshaw wanted to give message that if you had infection of chicken pox in your past life, then you have 33% chance of contracting to Shingles.

He also compared football with Shingles as pain is involved in both. But the symptoms of Shingles are so excruciating than playing football. This can be prevented, if a person doesn’t show carelessness with their health. In his commercial, he also promotes the use of Shingles medication and vaccination among older people.

Thus, Terry Bradshaw who himself suffered from depression is setting an example for all other sufferers by coming out and spreading an awareness about Shingles.